Rest areas

If you intend to travel on Australia's major roads or highways, you need to plan your rest breaks.

The interactive Rest Area map offers an easy way to locate rest area sites along NSW major roads and highways, and plan your breaks on journeys.

The map displays heavy and light vehicle rest area locations for major roads in NSW. You can access it from computers, laptops and mobile devices including iPads, providing you with access to the maps anywhere, anytime.

You can tailor the map by vehicle type to display only relevant rest areas. Access information about the facilities available at the individual rest stops by clicking on the map markers.

The journey planner will assist in locating rest area sites along or near your route, and you can print the map with directions.

    Click on the button to launch the Online Interactive Rest Area map

    Alternatively, you can access information on the Rest Areas in table format (Excel spreadsheet).

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