Processes – supporting systems safety

Provides quality assurance processes and enables a safety systems approach to be applied to the management of health and safety risks.

Document control

Control of documents is essential to any management system. In WHS management, documents are controlled to ensure that:

  • The information workers rely on to do their work safely is reliable and fit for purpose
  • The risk of workers or others using inaccurate or out-of-date information is managed
  • Roads and Maritime is able to demonstrate the extent to which WHS objectives and targets have been met
  • Industry partners have access to appropriate documentation in order to plan a comparable standard of WHS systems and performance when engaged by Roads and Maritime.

See Document control framework.

Records control

In WHS management, records are maintained and used to:

  • Provide measures of performance for the agency and the OneRMS SMS
  • Establish sources of information for later reference (such as risk assessments, health monitoring data and decision support) regarding the control of safety risks
  • Create an ‘audit trail’ and allow processes to be monitored
  • Demonstrate compliance where legislative requirements stipulate specific types of records to be retained or made available to a regulator.

See Records control framework.

Review and continuous improvement

Roads and Maritime is committed to the timely collection and analysis of reliable health and safety data and information, to enable review and continuous improvement of OneRMS SMS.

The OneRMS SMS review processes will incorporate worker consultation and stakeholder feedback, and support due diligence obligations.

Regular review processes offer opportunity for improving effectiveness of the overall system.

See Review and continuous improvement framework.

Safety promotion

Safety promotion activities reinforce safety as a primary Roads and Maritime value, communicate key safety messages, and highlight the importance of compliance with specific WHS management processes. Safety promotion contributes to a mature safety culture.

Safety promotion ensures WHS information is shared and communicated so that workers and others are informed and motivated to perform their safety responsibilities. We also promote WHS to enhance hazard and risk awareness.

See Safety promotion framework.



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