Safety assurance

Safety assurance provides confidence to duty holders that WHS risks, processes and behaviours are being effectively managed through appropriate measures, and identifies potential threats to safety.

Safety assurance

Safety assurance is the process by which Roads and Maritime identifies hazards before they result in occurrences, seeks out system weaknesses, and challenges the effectiveness of risk controls using evidence-based safety information. Safety assurance provides confidence that we are systematically and continually evaluating the effectiveness of our risk controls.

See Safety assurance framework.

Occurrence management and investigations

Effective occurrence management and investigations are an integral part of safety assurance. Reporting hazards and occurrences is essential to fully understanding the risk profile of our organisation and to understanding the effectiveness of risk controls.

The management of occurrences ensures that:

  • Workers are provided with appropriate care, authorities and stakeholders are notified, and the occurrence is investigated in a timely manner
  • Information about risks is added to the risk profile and lessons learned disseminated
  • There is less likelihood of the occurrence happening again.

See Occurrence management and investigations framework.



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