Entry to worksites

Access to Roads and Maritime workplaces is restricted. However, for work health and safety (WHS) reasons, SafeWork NSW inspectors and authorised union officials have right of entry. Both SafeWork NSW and unions are Roads and Maritime’s partners in WHS.

SafeWork NSW – WHS regulator

SafeWork NSW inspectors may visit worksites in an advisory, compliance monitoring or enforcement capacity. We must cooperate with and assist the inspectors when they come to our worksites.

A SafeWork NSW inspector who attends a worksite may issue a notice. A SafeWork NSW notice, and any directions included in it, must be complied with.

Union officials who hold a WHS entry permit

To be permitted to enter a worksite on WHS grounds, a union official must present the required permits. Entry for union permit holders shows the conditions for a union official to be authorised to enter a worksite.


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