M2 Motorway tolls and charges on Sydney Roads

The M2 motorway is a cashless toll road. Use our toll calculator to calculate your trip price.

M2 toll charges and trip information

The M2 motorway is a cashless toll road.  You’ll need an e-tag or electronic pass to pay your tolls.

The Hills M2 is a 21km motorway serving Sydney’s North-West, extending from the Westlink M7 at Seven Hills to the Lane Cove Tunnel at Macquarie Park. The Hills M2 is a fully electronic toll road with no toll booths, and forms part of the Sydney Orbital Network.

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M2 toll charges

(Effective 1 January 2018)

Location Cost - Class A Cost - Class B
North Ryde $7.16 $21.48
Pennant Hills Rd $3.58 $10.74
Windsor Rd $2.53 $7.60
Lane Cove Rd $2.12 $6.36
Herring and Christie Rd $3.58 $10.74

Class A

A vehicle that is:

  • 12.5 metres or less in length; and
  • 8 metres or less in height.

Class B

A vehicle that is bigger than the dimensions for a Class A vehicle.

Pay your M2 toll notice

A Toll Notice will be issued to you if the toll has not been paid for your vehicle. The Toll Notice will request payment of the toll and an administration fee to recover the cost of collecting the toll in this manner. Only pay one administration fee as follows:

  • If you pay with an electronic tag account: Pay the toll + a toll notice transfer fee
  • If you pay another way: Pay the toll + administration fee.

Pay your M2 Toll notice now.

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