M5 Motorway tolls and charges on Sydney Roads

The M5 corridor is the main road freight, commercial and passenger route between Port Botany and Sydney Airport, and south west Sydney. It is part of the National Highway Network connecting Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

The M5 Motorway comprises two sections

  • Section 1 - M5 South West Motorway - a 22 kilometre tolled road operated by Interlink Roads, with three lanes in each direction between Camden Valley Way at Prestons and King Georges Road at Beverly Hills
  • Section 2 - M5 East - a 10 kilometre road connecting the M5 South West Motorway with General Holmes Drive. The M5 East includes two four kilometre tunnels between Bexley Road at Earlwood and Marsh Street at Arncliffe. Each tunnel carries two lanes of traffic.

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M5 toll charges

(effective 1 January 2018)

Direction Cost for Class A vehicles Cost for Class B vehicles
M5 East Freeway Nil Nil
M5 South-West Motorway $4.65 $13.96

Class A

A vehicle that is:                 

  • A three axle vehicle under 2.0 metres in height or 
  • A two axle vehicle under 2.8 metres in height.

Class B

A vehicle that is bigger than the dimensions for a Class A vehicle

M5 cashback scheme

The NSW Government M5 Cashback Scheme allows NSW residents to claim back the value of tolls (excluding GST) paid while using a vehicle registered in NSW for private, pensioner or charitable use on the M5 South Western Motorway.

Read more about the cashback scheme.

Pay your M5 toll notice

A Toll Notice will be issued to you if the toll has not been paid for your vehicle. The Toll Notice will request payment of the toll and an administration fee to recover the cost of collecting the toll in this manner. Only pay one administration fee as follows:

  • If you pay with an electronic tag account: Pay the toll + a toll notice transfer fee
  • If you pay another way: Pay the toll administration fee.

Pay your M5 Toll notice now.

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