Giving way

Give way to all vehicles, including bicycles, already in the roundabout, and only enter where there is a safe gap in the traffic.

Keep an eye on trucks within a roundabout. Because of their size, trucks need to use more room to turn and may swing out wide.

Keep an eye out for cyclists and consider their needs at multi-lane roundabouts.



It's very important to choose the correct lane when approaching a multi-lane roundabout. Indicate when approaching and always indicate left before exiting the roundabout.

Turnig Left






Turning left

If you are turning left, begin in the left lane, indicate left on approach and continue to indicate left as you exit the roundabout.






Turning Right






Turning Right

If you are turning right, use the right hand lane and indicate right as you approach the roundabout. Indicate left just before you reach your exit.






Going Straight Ahead






Going Straight Ahead

If you are going straight ahead, you do not need to indicate on approach, but as you come to your exit, you must indicate left to leave the roundabout.