Strategic Priority 2: Get more out of the network

Getting more out of the network means more people and freight moved on our roads and waterways


  • Become increasingly integrated across the Transport cluster to support network operations
  • Increase the utilisation of the existing road network
  • Deliver works faster and more cost effectively

What we will do


What it will result in

Improve network data and intelligence

Collect and aggregate more data on customers’ use of the network, use these data to make informed intervention decisions

  • A greater understanding of actual network performance, more targeted interventions to improve performance

Operate the network for capacity utilisation

Use operational technology and data to improve operation of road and maritime networks, shape how users travel

  • Increased capacity utilisation

Increase capital productivity

Work alongside our industry partners to improve delivery of capital works and maintenance, increase the use of productivity enhancing technology

  • Reduced delivery time and unit costs for projects and maintenance

  • Less disruption

Improve operational responsiveness

Work closely with the Transport Management Centre (TMC) to improve incident management

Reform operational management of the road network in regional NSW

  • Faster and better responses to incidents on the road and maritime networks

Commercially manage existing assets

Generate more revenue from commercial users of existing assets

  • Increased revenue to offset costs and investments


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