1 Who we are and what we do

1.1 Our Corporate Plan

Roads and Maritime Services exists to make New South Wales a better place to live. A place where people are connected to each other and to economic opportunity. A place known for its vibrant, liveable communities. A place where people and goods can move safely and efficiently on the road and maritime networks.

We do this as part of the NSW Transport cluster – planning, developing, investing in and managing an integrated transport system. Our investment in transport infrastructure shapes the future of our cities, centres and regions, as well as supporting continued strong growth in NSW.

The kind of organisation we want to be is:

  • Focussed on our core services
  • Delivering what customers value in the cities and in the regions
  • A sophisticated manager of the road and maritime networks
  • Safe – safer communities and a safer workplace
  • Respectful of our community and the environment
  • Always delivering on our commitments
  • Working together with industry to innovate.
View the Roads and Maritime Servies Corporate Plan 2018-2021
Roads and Maritime Services Corporate Plan 2018-2021

1.2 Our customers and our commitment to delivering value

Our customers are the people and businesses that directly benefit from our road and maritime networks and services. Each day the road and maritime networks in NSW enable millions of customer journeys and the transport of goods, supporting a productive economy.

To provide the best possible level of service to our customers, we are committed to delivering the maximum level of value for every dollar invested. Delivering customer value requires us to excel in three key areas which are integral to all our activities:

  1. Understanding what is important to our customers
  2. Prioritising investment based on what is important to our customers
  3. Delivering in the most cost effective manner the transport of goods, supporting a productive economy.
  • Car drivers

  • Pedestrians

  • Tourists

  • Motorcyclists

  • Cyclists

  • Businesses

  • Heavy vehicle operators

  • Recreational waterway users

  • Commercial waterway users

  • Public transport users

1.3 Our activity

We manage and maintain:

More than 1800km of state roads including 4100km of the national land transport network. Around 3000km of regional and local roads in the unincorporated area of NSW. 5700 bridges. A Sydney network that supports nearly 12 million journeys each day. 29 road tunnels. 22815 commercial and private boat moorings and 3968 maritime navigational aids. Over 4000 traffic signals. 12847km of navigable waterways and 2137km of coastline.

We regulate and provide services to:

520282 licensed boat drivers and 237283 vessels. 1.36 million e-toll customers with 138.8 million trips annually.  6.1 million licensed car drivers. 6.5 million registered vehicles.

Each year, we engage with our customers by:

Hosting over 400 community events with over three million participating customers. Reaching 1 million customers per month via facebook. Responding to over 1700 customer requires. Issuing over 1200 media releases.

Where we are


  • Roads and Maritime Offices
  • Regional Depots
  • Heavy Vehicle Inspection Centres
  • Maritime Offices and Depots
  • Heavy Vehicle Safety Stations