Henry Charles Marshall and Capt George Frederick Wootten

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Southern (left) pylon

"“577” writing home" photo by Henry Charles Marshall (pictured).

The NSW State Library has an exhibition of over 500 photos attributed to Marshal entitled "Kensington to Cairo and from Cairo to Gallipoli".

We do not know how many Australian soldiers took a diary to the First World War, nor how many took to diary keeping once there. Certainly not a majority, for most of the 330,000 soldiers who went abroad preferred to write letters or postcards if they wrote at all. But thousands kept a diary, not of the introspective or confessional kind, but rather a spectator diary, a record of travel and war, of tourism and duty done, something to be sent home, or to carry home; to be read by family and friends or, perhaps, to be consulted later, to confirm a memory or fuel a reminiscence.

Courtesy of the State Library of NSW.

Northern (right) pylon

Captain George Frederick Wootten, Adjutant, 1st Battalion, having a shave at the entrance to his dugout on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Courtesy of the Australian War Memorial.

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