Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

During this unprecedented time, transport remains an essential community service.

Health, education and emergency workers across the state continue to use the network to travel to work, and the freight industry continues to provide vital supplies to hospitals, businesses and homes.

We’re doing everything possible to keep our network clean and safe for our customers and staff in our effort to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Watch our series of short updates on this page, or watch our weekly vodcast. Other videos are also available on the Transport for NSW YouTube channel.

For the latest updates on how travel, driver programs and services, and boating are affected by COVID-19 restrictions, see COVID-19 update for NSW roads and waterway users.

Back to school - 25 May 2020

Schools across the state opened to all students today, which means more kids are walking and riding near the road. Please slowdown in 40 km/h school zones, keep a lookout from behind the wheel, and take special care if you’re a parent dropping off.


Helping our customers - 22 May 2020

Despite operating our services at reduced capacity for physical distancing, school kids and people who need assistance will always be a priority on the network.


COVID Safe Travel Advice - 20 May 2020

We’re urging customers to avoid peak hour on public transport and consider other ways of getting around our beautiful cities and regions. Help us slow the spread of COVID-19.


The COVID Safe Transport Plan - 19 May 2020

It’s incredibly important we continue to keep the community safe, so we’ve released the Covid Safe Transport Plan. Look out for the green dots!


Transport for NSW and NSW Police - 15 May 2020

With the easing of restrictions from today, more people will be on the road – we’re working with NSW Police to make sure everyone stays safe.


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