New children’s crossing for Dubbo West Primary

24 January 2013

New children’s crossing for Dubbo West Primary School

Dubbo MP Troy Grant today announced a new safety measure has been installed at Dubbo West Primary School in time for the new school year.

“The NSW Government contributed $90,000 for the installation of a new wombat pedestrian crossing to improve safety at the East Street entrance to the school,” Mr Grant said.

“The new crossing was built by Dubbo City Council and comes after a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) decision to withdraw the school crossing supervisor service from the site in June 2012.

“This followed a series of incidents in which crossing supervisors, affectionately known as lollipop men and women, were harassed. The supervisors were removed from the crossing and redeployed elsewhere in Dubbo.

“The area around the school already has flashing lights to alert motorists during school hours.

“The wombat crossing was found to be the best option to increase safety given the proximity of nearby homes, road geometry and traffic volumes outside the school.
“The raised crossing slows traffic and makes it easier for motorists to see small pedestrians.

“Research has found a wombat crossing is one of the best performing pedestrian facilities as it slows traffic and significantly reduces crash risk.

“Children under the age of eight should be supervised when they are near a road and parents are advised to hold their child’s hand when crossing a road. Even a child as old as nine has trouble judging when a road is safe to cross," Mr Grant said.

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New children’s crossing for Dubbo West Primary School (PDF)

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