Operation Mona Vale progress update

08 October 2013

Operation Mona Vale progress update

Roads and Maritime Services heavy vehicle inspectors and NSW Police are continuing to audit the trucking company involved in a fatal crash at Mona Vale on Tuesday 1 October.

Roads and Maritime and NSW Police Joint Heavy Vehicle Task Force have started phase 2 of Operation Mona Vale, by ordering the trucking company’s LPG tanker fleet and all other vehicles owned by the company off the road for inspection.

As part of phase two at midday today, four heavy vehicles in NSW and 76 in Victoria have been inspected, 53 notices have been issued with about a half for major defects such as brake failures, steering and suspension faults. Fifteen vehicles have been grounded.
Defects included:

Total number of heavy vehicles inspected 80
Total number of defects 53
Minor defects 10
Major defects 27
Vehicles grounded 15

Defects included:

Brakes 5
Wheels/tyres 6
Suspension 4
Ancillary equipment/lights 1
Oil/fuel leaks 1
Body/chassis 1
Steering 1
Tow couplings 0
Exhaust/noise 0
Other 0

As part of phase one 211 heavy vehicles were inspected, 174 notices were issued with about a third for major defects including brake failures, steering and suspension faults. Eight vehicles were grounded.

Total number of heavy vehicles inspected 211
Total number of defects 174
Minor defects 98
Major defects 68
Vehicles grounded 8

Defects included: 

Brakes 149
Wheels/tyres 73
Suspension 79
Ancillary equipment/lights 29
Oil/fuel leaks 34
Body/chassis 21
Steering 14
Tow couplings 21
Exhaust/noise 7
Other 8

Issues uncovered included:
Inefficient brakes.
Axle and suspension failures
Steering components defective
Engine/steering box oil leaks
Tread peeling from tyres
Broken engine mounts
Cracked exhaust pipes. 

Fleet vehicles will continue to be checked by Roads and Maritime Services inspectors at Heavy Vehicle Inspection Stations at Wetherill Park, Botany, Carrington and at heavy vehicle checking stations across NSW to ensure they meet all safety and mechanical compliance standards.

Contact: Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit: 8588 5999.

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