A safer pedestrian crossing for children

5 February 2014

A safer pedestrian crossing for children in Kearsley

A $45,000 upgrade has been completed at the pedestrian crossing on Caledonia Street at Kearsley.

Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads Ray Williams MP said the NSW Government provided funding to complete the upgrade, which significantly improves pedestrian safety for the local community, particularly children at Kearsley Public School.

“In order to meet the standards required for a children's crossing, the kerbs were extended to minimise the crossing distance and additional stop lines were drawn,” Mr Williams said.

“School crossing safety flags were provided to the school to improve safety for children before and after school.

“A footpath has also be installed from Kearsley Public School to the crossing, making it more accessible, including for children with a disability.”

The concrete median was also removed to eliminate uncertainty as to who has right of way when a pedestrian is using the crossing. This work is part of the NSW Government's commitment to improve pedestrian access, safety and convenience when crossing roads, particularly for children, older people and those with impairments.

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