Improved security at Drummoyne Wharf

24 June 2014

Improved security at Drummoyne Wharf

Security will be improved at Drummoyne Wharf as part of a public safety initiative.

John Sidoti MP said this will include installing a gate which will be locked each night after the last ferry service.

“The move was in response to community concerns about antisocial behaviour, noise and safety issues at night,” Mr Sidoti said.

“During consultation with the local community it has become clear there are safety concerns which stem from people loitering at the wharf at night.

“Often rubbish such as empty bottles and fish remains has been left which can become a hazard for commuters who use the wharf the next morning.

“Local residents have also reported excessive noise issues and disturbance at night stemming from activity at the wharf.

“Canada Bay Council has already banned fishing from Menzies Reserve which leads to the wharf area between 10pm to 6am.

Mr Sidoti said a locked gate was installed at Cabarita Wharf in 2012 after similar concerns were raised in the community.

“The Clean Safe Wharf initiative was launched in 2010 to address concerns about cleanliness and antisocial behaviour at Sydney’s commuter wharves,” he said.

“The gate will be installed as part of the wharf upgrade under the NSW Government’s Transport Access Program which aims to deliver accessible, modern, secure and integrated transport infrastructure where it is most needed.

“The wharf is currently closed for a significant upgrade under the NSW Government’s $770 million Transport Access Program (TAP).

“The upgrade is expected to take about five months to complete, weather permitting, Mr Sidoti said.

Media: John Sidoti - 0404 887 404

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