Road sensors installed to improve traffic flow at Strathfield

15 October 2014

Motorists are benefitting from improved traffic flow through the intersection of Centenary Drive and Arthur Street at Strathfield after the installation of under road sensors which aim to reduce congestion according to the Member for Strathfield Charles Casuscelli.

“Roads and Maritime Services carried out work to install in road vehicle detector sensors which inform green light time through the traffic lights to improve traffic flow.

“The work aims to reduce travel times though the Centenary Drive and Arthur Street intersection which provides access to the major centres of Ryde, Strathfield, Bankstown and Hurstville.

“Centenary Drive is an important corridor providing connections to the Pacific Highway, M2 Motorway, M4 Motorway, Hume Highway, M5 Motorway and Princes Highway,” said Mr Casuscelli. Mr Casuscelli said work was also nearing completion to improve a critical pinch point for motorists at the intersection of Parramatta Road and the Hume Highway with a $900,000 package of work under way.

”A new dedicated left turn lane will be installed westbound on Parramatta Road at the Hume Highway intersection to allow for a bus only lane and two through lanes.

“The left turn lane and bus only lane is also being extended on Parramatta Road onto the Hume Highway.

“The eastbound right turn bay is being extended on Parramatta Road onto the Hume Highway and the median moved on Parramatta Road along the extended right turn bay,” Mr Casuscelli said.

Further pinch points are also being investigated for possible improvement. For more information on road projects under way in the area visit

RMS Media officer: Anna Hindson 8588 5928

View the original media release (PDF)

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