Landcare partnership to meet Hume Highway duplication commitments

24 August 2018

Roads and Maritime Services will partner with Holbrook Landcare Group to deliver a series of vegetation plantings in southern NSW. 

The $450,000 partnership, which is being delivered to meet Roads and Maritime’s Hume Highway duplication commitments, will aim to improve woodland bird habitat in the region by planting more than 18,000 tubestocks and seedlings at 16 different locations including the Holbrook Town Common, across a combined area of about 208 hectares.

“The environmental assessment carried out in 2009 identified a number of threatened woodland bird species had the potential to be impacted by the construction of the Holbrook bypass,” member for Albury, Greg Aplin said.

“These included species such as the Brown Treecreeper, Hooded Robin, Black Chinned Honeyeater, Grey-crowned Babbler, Speckled Warbler, Diamond Firetail and Regent Honeyeater.

“As a result, Roads and Maritime prepared a woodland bird offset package, in addition to the landscape revegetation work needed to minimise impacts along the bypass and biodiversity offsets for the loss of native vegetation.

“The sites were selected following habitat mapping, connectivity studies, woodland bird monitoring programs analysis and consultation with the Holbrook Landcare Group and Local Land Services.

“Direct consultation with the Holbrook Landcare Group and Local Land Services has been invaluable and helped Roads and Maritime understand existing planting work in the area and the potential to include public land, such as travelling stock routes, within the woodland bird offset package.

“Roads and Maritime is delighted to work with Holbrook Landcare Group in a program that aims to restore, enhance and increase connectivity between woodland bird habitat within the Holbrook area,” Mr Aplin said.

Planting work is expected to start in September 2018 and take two years to complete.

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