Flare disposal program comes to Port Macquarie

13 February 2019

As part of the marine flare disposal program, Roads and Maritime Services will be carrying out expired marine flare collection at Port Macquarie this Friday.

Member for Port Macquarie, Leslie Williams said the mobile collection van will be at Westport Park on Friday 15 February from 2pm to 5pm, where boaters can dispose of expired marine flares and learn about boat safety from a Roads and Maritime Boating Education Officer.

"It is important for boaters to have up to date safety equipment on board at all times including marine flares and life jackets," Mrs William said.

"The marine flare disposal program gives boaters the opportunity to dispose of flares safely and easily.

"Marine flares are especially important for offshore operators and should be used as a signalling device if they are in trouble."

Mrs Williams said marine flares are important safety items and should always be up to date

"Marine flares have a shelf life of approximately three years and after this time there is a greater chance they will fail.

"When a marine flare is past its shelf life it is more likely not to work when it is needed.

"Boaters should always remember; wearing a lifejacket and having up to date safety equipment will never ruin your day, but it could save your life," Mrs Williams said.

Visit flare disposal for more information.

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