No more noise at Taren Point Public School

31 July 2019

Students and teachers at Taren Point Public School will experience less traffic noise with work complete on a new noise wall.

Member for Miranda Eleni Petinos said the wall along Taren Point Road has been installed by the NSW Government ahead of schedule.

"It's great to see the noise wall finished, so the school community can work, learn and play with reduced disturbance from traffic noise," Ms Petinos said.

"As well as reducing noise for students at Taren Point Public School, the wall is also designed to help adjoining residents facing Taren Point Road."

Ms Petinos said the wall is built from reinforced concrete panels, and is 3.5 metres high and 150 metres long, heading north along Taren Point Road from the intersection with Toorak Avenue.

"Since work started in February, it’s been fantastic to see the patience and cooperation of the local community and the school as the wall was installed," Ms Petinos said.

A noise analysis was completed as part of the environmental assessment by an independent consultant, to identify the expected level of noise reduction and guide the design of the wall.

The project is part of the Noise Abatement Program which addresses traffic noise impacts from State and Federal roads, funded by the NSW Government and delivered by Transport for NSW.

For more details, visit the Noise abatement program webpage.

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