Opposition wrong again on Road Safety Funding

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Opposition wrong again on Road Safety Funding

Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay has rejected Labor’s claim there has been a cut to the budget for the Centre for Road Safety.

“It’s appalling the Opposition wants to play politics with road safety and as usual they’ve got it wrong,” Mr Gay said.

“Labor claimed the Centre for Road Safety Budget had been cut, when in fact the NSW Government has increased its contribution by $7 million.

“NSW funding to the Centre has gone up from $231 million in 12/13 to $238 million in 13/14.

“It appears the Opposition has noticed the decline in the Federal Government’s contribution this year.

“Federal funding has fallen from $39.6 million last financial year to $35 million in 13/14.

“Thanks to the increase in funding from the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government, this
shortfall has been met and exceeded, bringing the total this budget to $273 million.

“NSW remains committed to improving road safety across our road network which is why we established a dedicated Community Road Safety Fund which directs all speed camera revenue back into road safety programs and upgrades.

“It’s a disgrace the Opposition continues to play politics with what is a serious issue,” Minister Gay said.

Five year road safety funding

Year State Federal Total
2013/14 $238M $35M $273M
2012/13 $251M $39.6M $270M
2011/12 $214M $21M $235M
2010/11 $214M $31M $245M
2009/10 $161M $62M $223M

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Opposition wrong again on Road Safety Funding

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