Heavy penalties for heavy vehicles begin

Monday 5 August 2013

Heavy penalties for heavy vehicles begin

Tough new regulations have come into effect for heavy vehicle operators who drive overheight or overlength trucks into Sydney’s tunnels and Galston Gorge.

Roads Minister Duncan Gay announced in May that changes would be introduced to enable RMS to suspend the heavy vehicle registration of rogue operators for three months.

"These reforms are about trying to prevent the traffic chaos caused by oversized trucks getting stuck in restricted areas,” Minister Gay said.

“Our roads and tunnels are critical infrastructure assets that service our communities and the State’s economy.

“Any trucking company that threatens the operation of these public assets by disobeying size restrictions will find their own asset off the road.

“These penalties are additional to those that rogue drivers personally face of $2200 fine and the loss of six demerit points.

“The changes also apply to interstate vehicles. In those cases we can suspend the visiting rights of that vehicle in NSW for three months.

"Most truck drivers do the right thing and stick to the roads they are allowed to use so we will go about this fairly, ensuring there is clear signage to make the new penalties crystal clear.

“Signs have now been installed in Galston Gorge with the rollout to extend to other areas including the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and the M5 East in the next few weeks.

“Operators who fail to meet their obligations to take reasonable steps to ensure a vehicle journey is planned and to inform the truck driver of the most appropriate route will also face their trucks being deregistered.

“To avoid being penalised drivers and freight companies must plan routes which avoid roads, tunnels or bridges where dimension requirements apply”, Minister Gay said.

For more information visit www.rms.nsw.gov.au or call the RMS Heavy Vehicle Support Team on 1300 364 847.

Media: Lance Northey 0467 743 192 or Marie Scoutas 0467 739 976

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Heavy penalties for heavy vehicles begin

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