Old Labor's old tricks

Thursday 22 August 2013

Old Labor's old tricks: cooking the books on Pacific Highway funding

Roads & Ports Minister and NSW Nationals Upper House leader Duncan Gay today dismissed Anthony Albanese’s claims on Pacific Highway funding as Labor spin while it’s been cooking the books to shift old money around.

Minister Gay said Mr Albanese had made another serious error in judgement this election campaign by misrepresenting one sentence contained in correspondence between them.

“Don’t fall for this trick, the $740 million Labor is referring to is not new money or extra money. It is all old money,” Minister Gay said.

“There is a simple test to apply, if Anthony Albanese had actually provided any new money for the Pacific Highway upgrade he would have announced it in a media release in flashing lights.

“I remind Mr Albanese that he’s the one that’s torn up the 80:20 funding agreement with NSW.

“Tony Abbott will restore the 80:20 funding deal Mr Albanese walked away from once the Liberals and Nationals replaced his failed Labor mates in the NSW Government.

“My letter acknowledges Labor has shifted funding between financial years, which is an old trick by Labor to bring them into surplus in future years and in fact is likely to short-change NSW even further.

“By paying money early – it delivers a deeper deficit now so that they can make it look like a surplus in 2019.

“This is more of the swings and roundabouts that we’re all used to by now from a party that has not delivered a single surplus budget in any of its last 6 years in office.

“The fact remains Labor has ripped $4.62 billion out of the Pacific Highway meaning vital upgrades to the 155 kilometre stretch of highway between Woolgoolga to Ballina – can’t be progressed in the next 7 years unless Tony Abbott and Warren Truss are elected.

“There is only one decision to make at the September 7 election as only an Abbott-Truss Coalition will ensure the upgrade is completed by restoring the 80:20 funding split,” Minister Gay said.

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