Another 101 flashing lights for schools across NSW

11 October 2013

Record rollout continues: Another 101 flashing lights for schools across NSW

Roads Minister Duncan Gay today announced the record rollout of flashing lights across NSW is continuing with another 101 schools to have a set installed by the start of the 2014 school year.

Minister Gay said the NSW Government was delivering on its commitment to ensure every school in the state will have a set of flashing lights by December 2015.

“This new rollout of school zone flashing lights will be at schools that currently don’t have flashing lights, with about 60 per cent of this round in rural and regional parts of NSW.

“It means that by the start of Term One next year, 1,255 school zones will have flashing lights which will cover 1,364 schools.

“We are installing flashing lights in school communities across NSW at an unprecedented rate, almost three times the rate of the former Government.

“Last financial year we rolled out 280 flashing lights, the largest number ever installed in a single financial year.

“In the June budget we announced an increase in funding for flashing lights from $19.5 million to $32.5 million.

“The funding boost means 1,500 schools will now get lights by December 2015 that would have otherwise missed out.

“From 2014, we will start rolling out the two-tiered system that will include the new model of flashing lights as well as those currently being rolled out. “The new model has slight modifications, but includes essential safety features such as back to base technology to allow for proactive maintenance and the remote adjustment of lights.

“Every single school in the state will have at least one set of flashing lights in the school zone that covers the main school entry point by December 2015.

“This is a government committed to improving the safety of our children and the flashing lights rollout reduces the risk around school communities,” Minister Gay said.

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