Ministerial statement on Cootes Transport

Ministerial statement on Cootes Transport

6 March 2014

Today I ordered Roads and Maritime Services to begin action against Cootes Transport, directing the company to show cause why its dangerous goods fleet should be allowed to continue to operate on NSW roads.

I have lost confidence in this company as an operator of dangerous goods movements on NSW roads.

I have made my position very clear on the matter of heavy vehicle compliance; I want unsafe trucks off NSW roads.

Cootes Transport has been a repeat offender and enough is enough.

Roads and Maritime has given the company every reasonable opportunity to demonstrate it is worthy of operating in NSW but the company has so far failed to do so.

Consistent with due process the company has 14 days to take action in order to avoid suspension or cancellation of their rights to travel on NSW roads.

During this time Roads and Maritime will continue its compliance operations.

Since the tragic crash on Mona Vale Road last October, we have introduced deregistration capability and Roads and Maritime has laid more than 300 charges against the company.

Last month I called for the 400 strong NSW fleet to be re-inspected after issues were again detected with brakes, steering, suspension and leaks in routine checks.

To date around 320 trucks have been checked and only 179 have passed without receiving a formal warning or a minor or major defect notice.

Only yesterday two trucks were inspected and found with major brake defects.

These trucks were last inspected on February 24 and 27, just 10 and 7 days ago.

In addition our inspectors are in the process of deregistering unroadworthy trucks.

The community deserves to feel safe on our roads and this blatant disregard for safety will not be tolerated.

Roads and Maritime has the most stringent compliance regime in the nation and it has my full support with the action it is taking today.

Roads and Maritime will also work with industry and business to minimise disruption while the matter is resolved.

MEDIA: Lance Northey 0467 743 192 Marie Scoutas 0467 739 976

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