Lighting ceremony to celebrate Gladesville Bridge 50th Birthday

Wednesday 1 October 2014

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay tonight celebrated the 50th anniversary of Gladesville Bridge, marking half a century as one of the city’s critical transport connections, linking Sydney to the west.

Mr Gay said he was honoured to be part of the event and acknowledged the bridge’s unique history.

“I am delighted to be part of such a fantastic celebration and to mark this great occasion with a spectacular lighting ceremony, which will be on show until Sunday evening.

“This bridge has a remarkable story and it is largely because of this that it is recognised as one of Sydney's great landmarks.

“The Bridge first opened to traffic on 2 October 1964 and with its 1000 foot span length it was considered the longest concrete arch in the world, a record it still holds in Australia today.

“Its design features and innovative building methods set new standards for bridge design and construction and it is still considered a feat of engineering ingenuity, using leading edge technology for its era.

“Importantly, the bridge marked the transition from steel bridge technology (like Sydney Harbour Bridge) to concrete, now used as major bridge-building material in Australia.

“It is fitting this important milestone for the bridge will be marked with an international accolade from Engineers Australia - an Engineering Heritage International Marker.

“There are only three other Australian recipients of the prestigious international award, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme and the West Australian Goldfields Water Supply - Gladesville Bridge is a worthy addition to this list.

“Additional to the lighting, the half century milestone will also be commemorated with interpretative panels on the bridge – a great historical account for anyone walking over the bridge to stop and enjoy,” Mr Gay said.

A booklet about the history of Gladesville Bridge and digitised films of its construction are available from the Roads and Maritime website at Gladesville Bridge.

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