Daley promoting Secord's speed camera book of mistakes

Friday 17 October 2014

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay has suggested Labor’s Michael Daley would be better off doing his own homework instead of taking a leaf out of Walt Secord’s Speed Camera Book of Mistakes.

Mr Gay said Labor knew fully well it installed all the fixed speed cameras in NSW during its time in government.

“It seems like Mr Daley is channelling his inner Walt Secord and true to Walt’s form is acting lazy and loose with the truth,” Mr Gay said.

Mr Daley has alleged:

“The Roads Minister … [has] taken 34 cameras away but put 200 more fixed cameras in their place, and ramped up the number of mobile speed cameras and their operations to 7,000 hours per month.”

“This claim is wrong and Mr Daley knows it.

“When we came into government there were 141 fixed speed cameras in NSW - all of them installed by Labor.

“The Liberals & Nationals have removed 34 fixed cameras, reducing the number to 107, including 7 that are in warning mode.

“Where Labor was planning 12,200 mobile speed camera enforcement hours per month, we have reduced this to 7,000 hours - our program is more than 40 per cent lower.

“Labor put speed cameras in the ground and walked away, we remove them if they don’t serve a road safety benefit.

“Under the last government it was all revenue that went into the state’s coffers but under the Liberals & Nationals we have the Community Road Safety Fund - with every cent of fines going directly into safety initiatives including the installation of flashing lights around schools.

“It is sad to see someone like Mike Daley, with a little bit of ability fall into the Secord sequence,” Mr Gay said.

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