Increasing pedestrian safety in Sydney CBD

3 February 2016

Minister for Roads Duncan Gay today announced the Sydney CBD 40km/h speed limit will be expanded in April to improve pedestrian safety.

“For less than an extra minute of travel time for motorists, we’re doubling the chance of survival for pedestrians in Sydney CBD,” Mr Gay said.

“In the past ten years we’ve sadly seen 12 tragic deaths and more than 1400 injuries within this new larger speed zoned area.

“This is why we’re installing sensible speed limits in an area where lots of pedestrians are out and about each day – to protect vulnerable road users and save lives.”

The expanded 40km/h zone will cover the central CBD and will be bound to the:

  • North: by Alfred Street and the existing 40km/h in The Rocks area
  • East: by Macquarie Street, College Street (to Liverpool Street) and Elizabeth Street (to Eddy Avenue)
  • South: by Railway Square
  • West: by Quay Street, including the Paddy’s Market precinct.

In September 2014, 40km/h speed limits were partially introduced in the city to improve pedestrian safety and allow for the start of the Sydney Light Rail construction.

The new expanded zone incorporates and addresses the full Light Rail construction schedule and work area, as well as the new bus routes which has a lot of pedestrian traffic.

CBD Coordinator General Marg Prendergast said expanding these 40km/h zones also will help with continuity and clarity for motorists as it will eliminate multiple speed limit changes on many high-traffic routes.

“As we work towards transforming Sydney for the future, reducing the speed limit to 40km/h also helps with the need for temporary roadwork speed limits,” Ms Prendergast said.

“There are more than 150 locations in NSW where 40km/h limits are in place in high pedestrian areas including North Sydney and Parramatta CBD as well as regional
centres such as Tamworth and Albury – this is a common and effective measure for busy areas.”

Centre for Road Safety Executive Director Bernard Carlon said all road users still have a role to play when it comes to improving pedestrian safety.

“Road rules apply to everyone, whether you’re behind the wheel, walking or riding. If you're on foot - use crossings and only walk when the pedestrian light is green,” Mr Carlon said.

“Stop, look, listen and think before stepping out onto the road and don’t get distracted by your mobile phone.”

To give drivers time to get used to the speed limit changes, the red-light speed cameras that fall within the new 40km/h area - on the intersections of Elizabeth and Park streets, and George and Pitt streets - will be put into warning mode for lower-end speed offences for four weeks.

More information about the expanded 40km/h zones, George Street closure and ongoing CBD transformation is available at

View the map of Sydney CBD 40kmh areas.

View the original media release.

Vanessa Juresic | Minister Gay | 0419 618 081
Emma Shanks | CBD Coordination Office | 0408 740 476

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