More vehicles added to Grain Harvest Management Scheme

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Primary producers will be able to improve harvest efficiency even further with additional vehicle configurations now eligible to exceed regulated mass limits by five per cent, as part of the Grain Harvest Management Scheme until 2021.

Following the success of the 2014-16 scheme, the NSW Government worked with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and stakeholders to develop updated concession arrangements, which will see the scheme continue for the next five years to 30 June 2021.

As part of the updated concessions five axle semi-trailers and three axle truck with five axle dog trailer and four axle dog trailer vehicle configurations have been added to the eligible vehicles list meaning even more vehicles can take part in the scheme.

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay said more than 45 councils have signed up to the rollout of a revised scheme which increases productivity of grain transport.

“The $4 billion grain industry is one of the state’s most important agricultural industries and the NSW Government is giving producers every opportunity to drive efficiency,” Mr Gay said.

“The scheme allows producers every opportunity to get their crops from paddock to silo as efficiently as possible. In fact 90 per cent of all grain delivered between January and June 2015 was done so via the scheme.”

The Grain Harvest Management Scheme was first introduced by the NSW Government to help farmers and transport operators move grain from paddocks to silos more efficiently and protect roads and help increase productivity during the critical harvest period.

The scheme allows eligible heavy vehicles may exceed regulated mass limits by up to five per cent when transporting grain such as wheat, barley, rice oats, pulses or oilseeds from farms to the nearest participating grain receiver.

Almost 28,000 vehicle trips used the Grain Harvest Management Scheme concession in the reporting period between January and June 2015, with around 1,200 vehicle trips (one way).

Under the Grain Harvest Management Scheme mass concessions are available on all state roads and in council areas that have approved roads.
Roads and Maritime has developed an interactive map indicating the council participation and any conditions so operators can plan a route to the nearest participating site of receipt.

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