2011 Preliminary NSW road toll

1 January 2012

Fewer people were killed on NSW roads in 2011 than the previous year according to preliminary figures released by the NSW Centre for Road Safety (CRS).

CRS Acting General Manager Marg Prendergast said 376 people died on NSW roads in 2011, down from 405 in 2010, the second lowest toll since 1944.

"While it is encouraging to see a reduction, too many lives are being lost, often due to risky behaviour such as speeding,” Ms Prendergast said.

“It is devastating to know on average, a person died each day on NSW roads last year.

“There were 15 fatalities in the first nine days of the Christmas holiday period this year, five more than for the entire 15-day Christmas holiday period in 2010/11.

“Every life lost is a tragic reminder we need to all play a part to stay safe on the road.

"I urge people returning from holidays to stick to the speed limit, take rest breaks and avoid drinking and driving.

“It’s shocking to know more than 370 families have experienced their worst holiday season ever this year, with the loss of a loved one.”

The NSW Government has been running its successful “Don’t Rush Campaign” featuring prominent neurosurgeon Associate Professor Brian Owler to help reduce trauma on the road.

This campaign will continue to run throughout the school holidays to remind motorists of the consequences of speeding.

Professor Owler has urged motorists to think not only about fatalities but the thousands of long term injuries sustained each year.

“Don’t end up in my surgery these holidays when you know you can prevent it by slowing down and keeping to the speed limit,” Professor Owler said.

“Road trauma has a ripple effect, your family, your friends and your colleagues will all be devastated.”

Initial analysis of the 2011 provisional road toll figures includes:

  • The road toll in the 10 year period to 2011 has dropped from 524 to 376
  • Speeding related fatalities decreased by around four per cent compared to 2010
  • 101 road fatalities in the metropolitan areas and 275 road fatalities in country areas compared to 124 and 281 respectively in 2010
  • A drop in pedestrian deaths with 51 in 2011 compared with 59 in 2010, the second lowest pedestrian total since pedestrian fatality records began in 1928
  • Passenger deaths were the second lowest since these records began in 1939
  • Motorcycle deaths were down by nine and the equal lowest total since 1997

Break down of fatalities by region

Region 2010 2011 Difference Difference %
117 88 29 24.79
Northern 84 76 8 9.52
Hunter 59 64 -5 -8.47
Southern 56 54 2 3.57
South West 40 41 -1 -2.50
Western 49 53 -4 -8.16
Total 405 376 29 7.16

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