Sydney Harbour Bridge closed this weekend

12 January 2012

The closure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge will go ahead this weekend after Bureau of Meteorology advice.

“I spoke with the Bureau this morning and they advised the weather should be mainly fine, with isolated showers. They also advised there may be a chance of a storm,” Director Network Services Mike Veysey said.

“We can handle a few showers, it is just prolonged, heavy rain which causes a problem with a project of this size.

“If a storm does eventuate, safety will be the first consideration. We’ll assess the conditions and if there is any risk to workers on the Bridge, work may need to be called off during this time.”

People are encouraged to take public transport if they need to travel in or out of the city, including tomorrow, with closures starting at 10pm tomorrow night.

“If you are planning to drive into the city tomorrow and stay later than 10pm for other events, you should consider taking public transport instead,” Mr Veysey said.

“Significant delays are expected on alternative routes including the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. Bus lane users including taxis and motorcyclists can still use the Bridge and access for pedestrians and cyclists won’t be affected.”

The $3.5 million project will be carried out on 13-16, 20-23 and possibly 27-30 January with closures in place from 10pm Friday to 5am Monday.

Extensive information about alternative routes and clearways is available on the RMS website, the Live Traffic NSW website and private motorway websites.

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