New School Zone at Oran Park

30 January 2012

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have installed a 40 km/h school zone on Central Avenue and Shannon Way at Oran Park for the safety of students of the new Oran Park Anglican College.

“The school zone is on Central Avenue, from 10 metres south of Peter Brock Drive to 30 metres south of Shannon Way, and on Shannon Way, from Central Avenue to 25 metres northwest of Redman Grange,” an RMS spokesperson said.

“A review was carried out by RMS after a request by Camden City Council for a school zone for the new college, which is due to opening for the first time this term.

“The new school zone is expected to create a safer environment for students of the new Oran Park Anglican College.”

The 40km/h speed limit will be in operation during the standard school zone times of 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm on gazetted school days.

“Signs marking the new zone, as well as road surface markings were installed on Friday 27 January,” the spokesperson said.

“RMS urges motorists to follow the 40km/h school zone speed limit to help ensure the safety of all road users, particularly school students.”

For more information about road safety visit the RMS website.

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