Boating Safety Message to Community Festival

22 February 2012

Roads and Maritime Services will promote safe and responsible boating at this year’s Greek Festival of Sydney, which will take place at Darling Harbour on Sunday.

Acting General Manager Maritime Operations Trevor Williams said Maritime was taking the boating safety message to various community events this boating season.

“Boating Safety Officers will be on hand at the festival to promote boating safety and the importance of lifejackets,” Mr Williams said.

“Whether people are into fishing boats, personal watercraft or any other type of craft, the skipper is responsible for the safety of their craft and all on board.”

Mr Williams said Maritime was working with comedian Rob Shehadie in a “Take it Easy’ campaign.

“Rob has a proven ability to connect with a wide range of people, from children through to adults, and is helping to raise awareness of the need for safe and responsible boating,” Mr Williams said.

“Rob understands while it is good fun to head out on the water, it is crucial for safety reasons for skippers to use care, courtesy and common sense.

“The majority of boaters, and that includes people on personal watercraft, are responsible but there is a minority who either ignore or become complacent about safety.

Mr Williams said the Take it Easy campaign complemented the ongoing Maritime safety compliance and education program that concentrated on the following:


  • Knowing when to ‘wear it’
  • Children and poor swimmers should ‘wear it’ at all times

Navigate Safely:

  • Keeping a proper lookout
  • Keeping to the right
  • Keeping to a safe speed

Plan and Prepare:

  • Offshore boating safety
  • Cold water safety
  • Night safety


  • Keep under the 0.05 limit.

Maritime is collaborating with Cultural Partners Australia, who specialise in working with culturally diverse communities, in the Take it Easy safety education campaign.

Media contact: Paula Masselos 0419 292 207

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