Operation National Route One starts on Pacific Highway

1 March 2012

From this week NSW Police will be running a blitz on the Pacific Highway until the end of June in a bid to address road safety on the highway.

The operation, which is part of the Enhanced Enforcement Program (EEP), will focus on the enforcement of speeding, drink driving and other unsafe driving behaviours such as fatigue.

A Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) spokesperson said tragically, five people have already died on the Pacific Highway so far this year.

“In response to these figures NSW Centre for Road Safety will partner with NSW Police on this operation in an effort to reduce further road trauma,” the spokesperson said.

“If motorists continue to break the law and drive irresponsibly on the state’s busiest highway they run the risk of getting caught.

“Motorists need to remember they have a responsibility not only to themselves but to all other road users to obey the speed limit.

“Speeding has remained a significant factor in crash fatalities in NSW in recent years, accounting for about 40 per cent of fatalities in 2011.

“It is vital every motorist, regardless of age or driving experience, sticks to the speed limit, drives to the road conditions, avoids driving fatigued or after drinking and always wears a seatbelt.

“Police will be targeting these behaviours. Anyone caught failing to comply will face demerit points, fines and loss of licence.

“Mobile speed camera operations will also be coordinated with NSW Police on the highway.

“In addition, NSW Police and RMS will be targeting heavy vehicle safety with particular attention to speeding, speed limiter tampering and driver fatigue.”

“EEP has been operating since 1995 and increases police presence on NSW roads.

“This initiative continues to be funded by the NSW Government because of the importance of extra police presence on the roads to address critical road safety issues such as speeding and drink driving.

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