Sydney Harbour Bridge flag finds a new home

A special ceremony will take place today when staff from Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) hand a flag from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Number 3 Squadron.

“RMS is happy to provide the Australian flag to Number 3 Squadron, based at RAAF Base Williamtown north of Newcastle,” RMS Chief Executive Peter Duncan said.

“The Number 3 Squadron have for the past three years, performed the Australia Day flypast over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“The F/A-18 fighter jet is the Royal Australian Air Force's frontline aircraft and the Sydney Harbour Bridge is RMS' premiere bridge.

“The squadron will display the flag near a plaque which will explain the related history.” Wing Commander Tim Alsop, Commanding Officer of Number 3 Squadron said.

“As members of the Australian Defence Force, all personnel appreciate the significance of the Australian flag.

The nine metre x 4.5 metre flag will be handed to the squadron today and will be on display in their F/A-18 maintenance hanger soon after.

“We were rapt RMS agreed to provide our squadron with one of the flags which has flown on one of Australia’s best known icons.

“Number 3 Squadron has a proud history of military service dating back 95 years and the display of this Australian flag will add to the story of our illustrious fighter squadron,” Wing Commander Alsop said.  

“It’s great to see a flag which has served the Sydney Harbour Bridge going to such a good home,” Mr Duncan said.

The handover will take place in the shadow of the bridge at the RMS Sydney Harbour Bridge southern pylon at 11am.

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