Wollongong Harbour: Exclusive Use Australia Day

24 January 2012

NSW Maritime has granted an exclusive use aquatic licence for the safe staging of an aquathon on Wollongong Harbour this Thursday (26 Jan).

NSW Maritime Acting Regional Manager South Coast Wayne Langshaw said boaters should avoid the harbour in an area roughly triangular in shape defined by:

  1. the shoreline adjacent to the intersection of Harbour Street and Cliff Road to
  2. the centre of the entrance into Wollongong Harbour to
  3. the eastern side of the remnants of the stone structure adjacent to the Wollongong Slipway to
  4. the shoreline adjacent to the intersection of Harbour Street and Cliff Road.

“This area will be used exclusively for the safe staging of the Australia Day 2012 Illawarra Aquathon, from 7am to 11am,” Mr Langshaw said.

“Buoys will be located about 20 metres inside each point of the triangle. Competitors will be racing on a course outside these marks, so spectator vessel operators should be aware the exclusive use area extends outside the rounding marks in a 20 metre perimeter.”

“For safety reasons, skippers should avoid this area as it will be restricted for the event and patrolled by control vessels.”

Mr Langshaw said unauthorised vessels would not be permitted to enter the exclusive use area unless authorised by event organisers, a NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officer or a Police Officer.

NSW Maritime is part of Roads and Maritime Services.

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