On-the-spot fines to counter anti-social behaviour at Sydney wharves

5 April 2012

Authorities are set to take a tougher stance regarding anti-social behaviour at Sydney ferry wharves, Roads and Maritime Services Maritime Director Tony Middleton announced today.

Mr Middleton said the conclusion of the Easter long weekend would mark the start of a program of enforcement to counter anti-social behaviour and littering at wharves.

“Ferry wharves provide a valuable on-water transport link for the public transport system of our Harbour city,” Mr Middleton said.

“First and foremost, these wharves are for people who use the ferry network. Other activities such as fishing must not hinder or interfere with the movement of ferries or their passengers.”

“The minority who have left fishing mess on wharves and demonstrated anti-social behaviour have forced the introduction of fishing restrictions at some wharves.”

Mr Middleton said Easter marked the end of a phase of education about responsible use of wharves in Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River.

“Officers from Roads and Maritime Services, Fisheries and Police after Easter will have the powers to issue on-the-spot fines of $250 to those who were being found to be misusing ferry wharves,” he said.

“If this period of enforcement fails to deliver positive results, there may well be further exclusions put in place for fishing from these public assets.”

Roads and Maritime Services has a Clean, Safe Wharf Program that, in collaboration with Fisheries, Police, Sydney Ferries and the Recreational Fishing Alliance, delivers the following:

  • a program to regularly clean ferry wharves
  • a rapid-response cleaning capability
  • responsible fishing advertisements in local newspapers
  • responsible fishing flyer
  • responsible fishing signage
  • community liaison officers/ volunteers who visit wharves
  • a patrol/ monitoring program.

“There is a total ban on fishing at three of the 46 Sydney Harbour commuter wharves – Cabarita, Taronga and Circular Quay. At another three – Kissing Point, Abbotsford, Chiswick – fishing is not allowed between 5am and 10am,” Mr Middleton said.

“Where fishing is permitted, I ask all involved to do so responsibly and that includes cleaning up any mess and not hindering ferries or their passengers in any way,” he said.

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