Initial investigations show no radioactive material at Herons Creek

18 April 2012

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is continuing investigations into an area near the Herons Creek to Stills Road Pacific Highway project. Before Easter, five workers displayed symptoms of nausea, sore throat, dry mouth and vomiting.

An RMS spokesperson said the workers were immediately sent to a doctor as a precaution.

“All workers have now recovered from symptoms and have reported back to work,” the spokesperson said. 

“RMS and its contractor BMD Contractors immediately implemented an exclusion zone around the area where the workers were affected until further investigations could be carried out. 

“No determination has yet been made about the potential source of the suspected contamination but initial investigations have shown there is no radioactive material at the site.

"RMS takes the safety of all workers extremely seriously and their health is our first priority.”

Tests should be able to confirm if there is a chemical present, what it is and how to remove it so work can restart safely.

Another 13 workers were also tested but did not show any symptoms.

Other workers have been asked to come forward if they feel unwell. 

RMS has stopped work in the affected area.

Work will not start within the exclusion zone until all relevant testing and approvals from authorities have been received.

Safety of the site, workers and public is the NSW Government’s top priority while this investigation is continuing.

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