Reforms to improve road transport productivity

17 May 2012

The Minister for Roads and Ports, Duncan Gay announced last night at the ATA Conference the start of improvements to the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) in NSW aimed at increasing the productivity and efficiency of the road transport industry.

“The IAP provides improved access to Australia’s road network for higher productivity vehicles,” Minister Gay said.

“In return for improved road access delivering greater freight productivity, heavy vehicles signed up to the program are monitored using satellite technology to ensure they are operating on the right roads.

“Having more road transport operators signed up to the IAP also means increased compliance supporting the sustainability of the road asset and most importantly, making sharing our roads with heavy vehicles safer.”

A Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said the resulting improvements to IAP would provide more entry options for transport companies wanting to join the IAP, making the program more accessible so more operators could benefit.

“A small number of transport operators who already have tracking technology in their vehicles will be offered the opportunity to present their existing tracking units for assessment against the national standard and if they comply they will be able to join the program without the need to invest in different or additional in vehicle units,” the spokesperson said.

“The same principles will apply to business systems already established by the operator, which can now be linked to IAP providers.

“The new entry options to IAP are being explored in response to feedback from some industry members who were concerned the IAP disadvantages operators who had already invested in satellite tracking technology for their vehicles.

“It’s about addressing the business concerns so that the route assurance needed by state and local government comes at the least cost to industry.”

NSW is the most populous state in the country and the NSW road network carries more than 75 per cent of the interstate road freight task which continues to grow annually.  Minister Gay said he had tasked RMS to work with key industry representatives to investigate and explore the administration and cost of IAP operation with a view to improve its usability.

A limited number of transport operators will be offered an opportunity to have their existing in-vehicle and business satellite tracking technologies assessed in partnership with Transport Certification Australia.

The NSW Government continues to work with the road transport industry to remove red tape and improve safety on our roads.

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