Work stops on Central Coast as union pickets site

1 June 2012

The CFMEU staged a picket line at a vital road project in the Central Coast this morning, causing another delay to work as a result of issues of non-payment by Reed Constructions.

RMS workers and sub-contractors had intended to re-start work on the Central Coast project which had been on hold for some months after Reed, originally contracted to do the work, started experiencing financial difficulties.

“We, along with the community, local businesses and the council, all want to see this work restart,” an RMS spokesperson said.

“RMS workers and sub-contractors went to the Central Coast Highway upgrade site between Carlton and Serpentine roads this morning to start work but instead were faced with a picket line set up by the CFMEU.

“The union claims it is acting on behalf of sub-contractors who believe they are owed money from RMS for work on four projects which were ended after Reed started having financial trouble.

“RMS has already paid Reed Constructions almost $130 million for these projects.

“Any concerns by sub-contractors concerning payment for work under contract with Reed should be directed to Reed.

RMS’ own resources and external sub-contractors will complete the Central Coast Highway and Alfords Point Bridge projects and RMS expects to announce the arrangements for completion of  the remaining two projects shortly.

In each case, where possible, Reed’s existing sub-contractors will be given the opportunity to work on these projects.

“RMS has been in contact with Reed sub-contractors for the Central Coast Highway and has already engaged an excavator, traffic controllers, a traffic signal contractor and asphalt contractor – all of these sub contractors are being prevented from getting on with their business by the union’s action.

“Since Reed’s employment under the contracts was terminated, crews from RMS’ construction arm, Roads and Fleet Services (RFS) have been on site at the Central Coast project to ensure the site is secure and safe for motorists and pedestrians.

“RMS had planned to increase the number of RFS crews on site to ensure the unfinished work could be completed. RFS crews and sub-contractors engaged by RMS to perform work at the site today will now have to wait until the union decides to remove the picket line.

An email contact address is available for Reed’s existing subcontractors and suppliers to provide them with an opportunity to register their interest in continuing to work on the remaining projects. It is

Existing sub-contractors are also urged to contact the hotline on 1300 761 435. 

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