Spit Bridge open to marine traffic

6 July 2012

Work and testing of the Spit Bridge span lift system upgrade has been completed, with the Middle Harbour crossing open as usual from this morning.

The crossing had been closed to marine operators while the work was being carried out.

Road traffic had also been diverted at times in the past several weeks to allow the drive system to be upgraded.

The work, which included upgrading the motor, brake and gearbox, aims to improve reliability and minimise the potential for delays caused by breakdowns.

The first scheduled opening for boaters this morning is 10.15am.

Motorists and boaters are thanked for their patience while this essential work was carried out.

For more information contact the Transport Management Centre on 132 701, or visit www.livetraffic.com or www.rms.nsw.gov.au for marine traffic changes.

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