Pacific Highway online community tool launched

9 July 2012

A Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) spokesperson today announced the launch of an online community notice board for the Pacific Highway upgrade.

“The online pilot provides a facility for interested community members to share information quickly and easily,” the spokesperson said. 

“Images and information on the site are interactive as well as informative and provide a fun and easy way to post notes.

“Relevant stakeholder notices such as upcoming community information sessions for projects will be regularly uploaded as well as monthly report cards, council initiatives and an online carpool for the mid north coast.

“Community members with common interests can now have a platform to share local knowledge about what is happening in their local area.

“The community notice board also compliments the existing Pacific Highway website which is a factual site about all of the projects under way and in planning.

“The Pacific Highway upgrade covers more than 600 kilometres of the east coast of NSW, with eight projects being built and a large section in planning this tool has the ability to link a large community separated by distance.

“RMS will post information on the community board about upcoming information sessions and workshops.

“If the community notice board pilot is successful for the Pacific Highway, RMS will look at rolling it out for other large projects so communities can communicate and understand their local issues.”

The community notice board is available at 

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