Safe boating message to be part of Chand Raat Eid Festival

17 August 2012

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting General Manager Maritime Operations Trevor Williams today announced RMS would promote safe and responsible boating at the Chand Raat Eid Festival at Sydney Showground, Olympic Park on Saturday night.

“Boating Safety Officers will be on hand at the festival which celebrates the breaking of the fast for the end of Ramadan to promote boating safety and the importance of lifejackets,” Mr Williams said.

“Whether people are into fishing boats, personal watercraft like Jetskis or any other type of boat, the skipper is responsible for the safety of the boat and all on board.

“RMS is working with comedian Rob Shehadie as a boating safety ambassador for the Take it Easy campaign.

“Rob has an ability to connect with a wide range of people, from children through to adults and is helping to raise awareness of the need for safe and responsible boating.

“Rob understands while it is good fun to head out on the water, it is crucial for safety reasons for skippers to use care, courtesy and common sense.

“The Take it Easy campaign complements the ongoing boating safety compliance and education program,” Mr Williams said.

The festival starts at 6pm.

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