Reminder: RMS to remove padlocks from Sydney Harbour Bridge

27 August 2012

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will remove padlocks attached to pedestrian fencing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Wednesday 29 August.

The “love locks” have been attached in increasing numbers in recent weeks.

“There is a safety and maintenance issue with these locks staying on the Sydney Harbour Bridge,” RMS Director of Network Management Mike Veysey said.

“The metal corrodes and rusts, causing damage to the bridge. They also get in the way of our regular painting maintenance on the bridge,” he said.

“While we appreciate the emotional tie people may have to these padlocks, we need to remove them.

“We want to give people fair warning of their removal to allow time for them to be collected.   

“Any locks still attached on 29 August will be removed. We will keep them for a short time at the south pylon security office where they can be collected during normal office hours,” Mr Veysey said.

RMS discourages placing locks on the bridge and will continue to remove them in future.

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