Waters around Windsor Bridge partially closed to navigation

31 October 2012

A Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) spokesperson today said the waters around the Windsor Bridge over the Hawkesbury River will be partially closed to navigation for two weeks for geotechnical investigations.

“Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is carrying out investigations to help with the environmental impact assessment and planning for a new bridge in the waters around the existing bridge,” the spokesperson said.

“Work involves the use of a truck mounted drill rig on a 16 by six metre barge which will be moored in various locations downstream of the Windsor Bridge.

“The barge will display appropriate day shapes or night lights to indicate when the channel is blocked.

“Lit yellow aqua marks indicating a four knot speed limit will be displayed upstream and downstream of the barge.

“Skippers should exercise extreme caution when navigating near the work area and pay attention to work vessels and buoyed off areas.

“Skippers should also maintain a safe distance and speed from the work and ensure minimal wash is produced,” the spokesperson said.

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