Tintenbar to Ewingsdale upgrade progressing well

23 November 2012

The Tintenbar to Ewingsdale Pacific Highway upgrade is progressing with building well under way.

“Work carried out to date on the upgrade includes the establishment of a main site compound on Bangalow Road, boundary fence installation and traffic management,” an RMS spokesperson said.

Work from December to February will include:

  • Continued vegetation clearing, bulk earthwork, erosion and sediment control, fencing and water quality basin installations
  • Continuing bridge foundation work and start building of bridges at Minor, Emigrant, Skinners, Byron and Tinderbox Creeks, including a temporary steel bridge over Byron Creek
  • Installation of safety barriers and signs 
  • Start of controlled blasting at the southern and northern tunnel openings and at the tunnel control centre at St Helena Road
  • Continuing building of the secondary site compounds at Ewingsdale and near Ross Lane and start site compound building at the old fish farm at Knockrow, Minor Creek and southern tunnel entrance
  • Continuing local road upgrades at St Helena, Broken Head, Bangalow and Tinderbox Roads and Martins Lane West
  • Continuing work on the Pacific Highway at Bangalow to establish a contra flow traffic arrangement
  • Rock crushing near Ross Lane, the old fish farm, near William Flick Drive and the southern tunnel opening
  • Start traffic management work at Ewingsdale intersection.

“The progress of work is becoming more evident and is great news because it means we are a step closer to opening the road.

“To help reduce traffic, work on the upgrade will close down during the Christmas break from Saturday 22 December, with work to resume on Thursday 3 January 2013.

“When completed, the $862 Australian and NSW government funded Tintenbar to Ewingsdale Pacific Highway upgrade will provide about 17 kilometres of four lane divided road starting at the northern end of the Ballina bypass at Ross Lane and extending to the Ewingsdale interchange,” the spokesperson said.  

To continue with work next week Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is advising motorists of changed traffic conditions. 

Temporary speed limit reductions, changed traffic conditions and short delays may be experienced on the Pacific Highway at the following sites to allow trucks to access the work site, for concrete barrier installation, tree clearing, water main relocation and for work next to the highway:

  • Martins Lane West on weekdays 7am to 5pm
  • Minor Creek on weekdays from 7am to 5pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm
  • Bangalow Bypass northbound on weekdays between 7am and 5pm
  • Ewingsdale Interchange southbound on weekdays between 7am and 5pm .

Wet weather may change work dates and times.

Traffic management and reduced speed limits will be in place where needed to ensure the safety of workers, motorists and other road users.

Motorists are advised to plan their journey, allow extra travel time and follow all signs.

For more information on traffic conditions, contact the Transport Management Centre on 132 701 or visit www.livetraffic.com

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