Heavy vehicle permit notices updated

24 December 2012

A Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) spokesperson today announced five NSW heavy vehicle permit notices will be updated from 1 January 2013.

"This will be the last review of these notices by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in NSW as all permit notices will be issued by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator from July 2013," the RMS spokesperson said.

The updated notices are:

  • The 4.6 Metre High Vehicle Notice 2013 which allows heavy vehicles to exceed the regulated height limits.  This permit lists all RMS and local council approved routes for vehicles higher than 4.3 metres and up to 4.6 metres in height.
  • Rear Overhang Limit Notice 2013 which allows heavy vehicles with forklifts attached to their rear to exceed regulated rear overhang limits.
  • Refrigerated Semi-trailer Exemption Notice 2013 which allows refrigerated trailers to exceed regulated trailer length limits.
  • Agricultural Machine Combination Notice 2013 which sets mass limits and operating conditions for tractors towing trailers carrying agricultural produce.
  • Special Purpose Vehicle Stand and Operate Notice 2013 which allows cranes, concrete booms and other special purpose vehicles to exceed regulated dimension limits when standing and operating on a road. 

Copies of the updated notices are available on the RMS website. 

"To reduce the administrative burden on the road freight industry, drivers will no longer be required to carry copies of the Rear Overhang and Refrigerated Semi-Trailers Notices," the spokesperson said. 

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