High five your school crossing supervisor

10 May 2013

High five your school crossing supervisor

School crossing supervisors in New South Wales will be assured they can “high five” students as long as they are safely across the road.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has been approached by parents of students at Mount Annan Public School concerned supervisors would no longer return high fives.

“Our school crossing supervisors provide an invaluable service to children, the community and to road safety,” an RMS spokesperson said.

“We would never want to jeopardise a child’s safety or that of a crossing supervisor or motorist.

“We don’t want to take the fun away for students who enjoy interacting with their supervisors but we do need to ensure our little ones remain safe.

“Unfortunately, sometimes children stop for a quick chat with the supervisors while they are in the centre of the road which is a safety risk.

“We hope by encouraging them to high five their supervisor once they have safely crossed the road instead of while they are crossing will be a happy medium.”

The spokesperson said Bernie Robertson, the supervisor at Mount Annan Public School, was well-loved by the children.

“He has worked with RMS as a supervisor for 13 years and he puts great pride in ensuring the safety of our most vulnerable road users.”

“Bernie was rapt to be assured he could return a high five once the children were safely across the road,” the spokesperson said.

RMS thanks parents for their heartfelt correspondence on this issue.

Roads and Maritime Services Media Unit:  8588 5999

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