Ensure your electronic tag is working

20 May 2013

Ensure your electronic tag is working ahead of fee increases on 1 June

Motorists are being reminded to ensure their electronic tags are working and installed correctly ahead of the introduction of “no tag” fees on 1 June.

From 1 June Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will introduce vehicle matching and toll notice transfer fees for motorists with tolling accounts who travel on the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Tunnel without a tag.

Also, in line with other motorways in New South Wales, RMS will now charge a $10 administration fee, previously $5, for toll notices where no account exists.

The fees will help meet the annual $2.3 million cost of recovering tolls from motorists travelling on the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Tunnel without a tag.

“If people have their tags correctly fitted and have funds in their accounts they will avoid fees,” an RMS spokesman said.

“Those who may not yet have an account are encouraged to choose an option to best suit them to ensure they can travel on toll roads without incurring fees.”

The new charges are:
55 cent vehicle matching fee
$1.10 toll transfer fee
$10 toll notice administration fee. 

The vehicle matching fee of 55 cents will cover costs of matching a vehicle’s number plate to an existing tolling account if a tag is not detected when travelling on a toll road.

The $1.10 transfer fee will apply to people who receive a toll notice for the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Tunnel and pay with a tag account. Toll notices are sent when a licence plate is not matched to a toll account.

The $10 toll notice administration fee will apply to people who travel on the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Tunnel and can not rectify with a tolling account.

E-Toll customers will also have these fees passed on if a tag or pass is not detected for use on another tolled motorway.

“The increase in the administration fee brings RMS into line with all other NSW toll road operators and will be used to cover administrative costs to recover unpaid tolls and drive greater toll compliance,” a spokesperson said.

RMS is encouraging people to get a free second and third tag to fit to other frequently used vehicles to avoid the fees.

“We have had a great response to this offer and want to assure people who pre-order their tags that they won’t incur fees if the tags don’t arrive by 1 June.”

Motorcyclists are not affected by the 1 June changes in line with the Australian Toll Road Owners MOU Committee policy which exempts motorcyclists from any ‘no tag’ fees due to safety and tag mounting issues motorcyclists face when using tags.

For an outline of fees on NSW roads see below:

Fees on NSW roads

Road No Tag Fee Toll Notice Transfer Fee
SHB and SHT $0.55 $1.10
Westlink M7 $0.75 $1.90
Hills M2 $0.55 $1.10
Lane Cove Tunnel $0.55 $1.10
Military Road E-Ramp $0.55 $1.10
Eastern Distributor $0.55 $1.10
M5 South West Motorway $0.45 $1.10

Information is available now at www.myetoll.com.au or by calling 13 18 65.

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