Navigation hazard with large number of south coast navigation markers washed off station

27 June 2013

Boaters are warned to navigate with extra caution on South Coast waterways after a large number of navigation markers including buoys and channel markers were washed out of place by flood waters.

“With recent rain, there is a lot of water flowing through rivers and waterways in the region and this has caused a large number of navigation markers to be washed off station from the St Georges basin, Sussex Inlet and Jervis Bay areas, including about 50 from the Shoalhaven River," Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Acting Director Maritime Michael Wright said.

“This means boaters in these areas will not have hazards such as shallow areas or rocky outcrops marked.

“Skippers should navigate with extra caution for this reason and consult maps of the area. RMS Boating Safety Officers are working to reinstate navigation markers as soon as possible.

“Some of these navigation markers have become entangled with the cable to the Comerong Island Ferry in the Shoalhaven River at Numbaa. The ferry crosses the Berry Canal which links the Shoalhaven and Crookhaven Rivers.

“RMS has contractors working to remove entangled markers and for safety reasons the car ferry has stopped operating until this is completed but fast flowing water is making it difficult.

“Waterways further south are likely to be similarly affected in coming days.

“Anyone heading out in a boat should be aware of the increased potential for floating or submerged debris and hazards in the water.

“Non essential boating should be carefully considered and boat owners with vessels on moorings should check to ensure they are secure when weather conditions permit this to be safely carried out,” Mr Wright said.

Members of the public who find markers out of location should call 13 12 56.

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