Site clean up set to start

7 August 2013

Site clean up set to start

Work will start next week to remove material from a site which received contaminated soil from the Herons Creek to Stills Road Pacific Highway upgrade.

The work to remove about 4000 cubic metres of material from the Hastings Valley Motorcycle Club site will be carried out under the supervision of independent specialists.

A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) has been prepared to ensure contamination is removed safely to a licensed landfill.

Work restarted on the upgrade last year after advice from independent experts and preliminary test results cleared the majority of the worksite and external sites which had received soil from the project.

This is the final site to be remediated following the contamination investigation last year.

An exclusion zone will remain in place until the contaminated material is completely removed. Independent specialists will then test the affected area to verify all of the contaminated materials have been removed.

Safety on site, for workers and the general public will remain the NSW Government’s top priority while the removal of this material continues.

The most recent reports show a mild chemical, commonly used as a food additive, was buried at the worksite after a 1980 crash. Although it was removed during the planning phase of the project, the residual breakdown has caused fatty acids to evolve below the original burial site.

There is no long term health effect associated with exposure to these fatty acids.

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